Friday, July 9, 2010

We used to have to sit in the back; Now we have to stand on the left

I've been on an odyssey of sorts lately. I feel obligated to share some of the things I have come to realize over that past year or so. I have a burden in my heart to set free people that are like I was. I don't write this for the following people:

People who believe that mankind is essentially good

If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, you probably want to stop reading now because this will probably be a waste of your time. I write this to people that believe in the following:

Hard Work
Personal Responsibility
People who believe that mankind is fallen by nature and in need of a Savior

I voted Democrat my entire life up to and including the last presidential election. I honestly have to admit that I never took a long hard look at politics until I became enamored with all that Barack Obama was saying he could to do to fix our country and get us back on the right track. During the election, many of my good friends who knew me and knew what things I believe are important tried to open my eyes to why I would vote for him. They would ask me how I justify many of President Obama's policies in light of what I believe. I would manufacture an answer but I knew deep down that my answers had no solid footing.

You can check my Facebook for my constant rants about the specific things concern me but I ask you to take a look at the lists above and then think about what they mean to your vote. Think about this: 95% of Black Americans voted for Barack Obama. I'm as proud as anyone that a Black man can become the most powerful man in the world. However does this mean that 95% of black people essentially share the same views on the issues mentioned?

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